General WordPress Troubleshooting

Few things to remember while setting up WordPress

  1. Changes do not appear to my WordPress

    When you install WordPress theme make sure cache plugin or Cloudflare cache is turned off. This will prevent confusion as to why your new article doesn’t show up or the menu changes you made do not reflect. etc. after you deactivate cache plugin, clear browser history and cache.

  2. My Menu doesn’t display as I set it

    If you reinstall the WordPress theme you should check permalinks are set as you want and re-select menu you want the theme to display (appearance > Menu) select menu and save.

  3. Plugins malfunctioning

    After some plugin updates or even WordPress core updates some plugins will misbehave. It’s advised you deactivate and reactivate plugins (on/off)

  4. My widgets got reshuffled

    After theme re-installation widgets may need to be selected again since certain themes will manipulate what widget show by default and will reset your previous choices.

  5. I created a page but it won’t show in menu

    If you want page post or category to appear in menu, you must add it manually by going to Appearances > Menu and selecting it from the choices given there.

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